sea and more
This fresh, new type of Turkey adventure tour has been part of our programme since 2008. As well as a cruise in a modern ship along the Mediterranean coast, we also offer accommodation and excursions in selected regions, which are ideal for discovering the area. Our routes are carefully planned, and the complete land and boat adventure tours are expertly prepared to cater for the needs of our guests. Unlike any other form of travelling, there are so many different experiences and impressions to be enjoyed - all in the utmost comfort and in a relaxing atmosphere.

The organisation and the cruise itself rely on a range of high-standard functions, which we perform with careful attention. From the pre-departure transfer service and embarkation, to the various services provided on board, to the high-quality and often innovative excursions we offer. All stop-off points along the route are carefully checked long before the ship first sets sail, and extra personnel are also on hand to ensure that the trip runs smoothly and that everything is made as comfortable as possible for the guests. We provide professional, experienced and multilingual tour guides, in addition to well trained drivers for our modern coaches. Punctuality, safety and the well-being of our guests are our top priorities at all times. A trip to our beautiful country is sure to be an unforgettable experience for anyone – from the first impression on disembarking from the plane to the many dreams that will cheer up your everyday life long after you depart.