Destination -- Cappadocia

Enter another world
The giant mushrooms and fairy chimneys which rise up from the ground in the centre of Anatolia afford this rocky landscape its fairytale appearance. This natural setting, which has been formed over thousands of years by wind, weather and extensive volcanic activity, is not to be found anywhere else in the world, and is far away from the well-frequented beach resorts on the coast of Turkey. The French researcher Paul Lukas, who visited this region of central Anatolia as early as 1712, wrote: “I have travelled far and wide, yet I have never before seen anything similar to this…” And even Umberto Eco has drawn inspiration for his writing from the magic of Cappadocia.

This organic work of art became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The people, who have lived here for centuries, have excavated and eroded the landscape of Cappadocia. Over the course of time, cave dwellings and chapels have been created which still serve as testament to human creativity and the art of construction. In the pottery town of Avanos, the ancient art of working the earth is continued to this day.

Watching the sunset in this bizarre landscape is a truly unforgettable experience, and one which can reduce the onlooker to a childlike state of wonder and awe. There is no place in Turkey more beautiful or fascinating!