Destination -- Kusadasi

Nature and culture
Kusadasi ("Bird Island" in English) on Turkey's west coast is around 80 km south of Izmir and among the Aegean region's tourism magnets.

The city, which today has 40,000 residents, has been settled since ancient times, and was re-established by Italian sailors from Genoa and Venice in the Middle Ages as an important trading centre under the name "Scala nova". From the 15th century onwards, the city belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The beautiful castle, located offshore on the bird island, was first constructed in the 19th century.

Today the castle island, which can be easily reached from the mainland via a dam, is home to a dance club, which alone is well worth a visit due to the pretty view over the city and harbour, especially at night when the sky twinkles with stars. In the harbour itself, one can marvel at the numerous cruise ships at any time during summer or winter. The town's marina is very well known among yacht owners and holidaymakers who happily become part of the busy activity in the harbour district.

One can find numerous small and large businesses around the harbour which offer leather and fashion goods, jewellery and souvenirs, all for sale in a typical bazaar atmosphere.  After shopping, one should most certainly try a shellfish or fish speciality dish in one of the restaurants and enjoy a view of the harbour at the same time.

In Kusadasi there are numerous hotels and guest houses as well as several exclusive holiday clubs, some directly located on the beach, with an abundance of sporting activities on offer.

An excursion to Efes (Ehpesos), which is only 18 km away, is a must for every guest. Here one will find many buildings of archaeological value, such as the Artemis Temple which was once well known as a wonder of the world, or the Arkadiane, the former boulevard that leads to the harbour.   In Efes, visitors not necessarily blessed with historical or archaeological expertise will also be awestruck with amazement.

Near Kusadasi, the Dilek National Park attracts visitors to take a trip along the only gravel road that travels through this paradise of beautiful wooded mountains.  Sycamores and oaks grow here, and with a little luck, one can observe wild horses.  One can also discover wonderful hidden bays for swimming or sunbathing in this natural landscape.

Whoever spends their holiday in Kusadasi will very quickly find their own personal paradise in which to relax and unwind.