The fountain of youth on Turkey’s west coast
The "spa town" of Cesme lies a mere 60 kilometres from Izmir and therefore within comfortable distance of the international airport.

Although the romantic holiday spot is still at the beginning of its tourism career, it is already endowed with every category of hotel and holiday complex.

The small town is not only pleased with its growing popularity among foreign tourists but also with the increasing number of "city folk" from neighbouring Izmir who are discovering the scenic landscape and the recuperative value of this picturesque town whose name means "spring" in English and which is famous for the healing properties of its springs.

Some springs dating back to Ottoman times still remain today and deliver refreshing and clean drinking water. Apart from this main attraction, one can view the Genovese Castle in Cesme, which after Bodrum Castle, is one of the most beautiful sites in western Turkey. An archaeological museum with attractive findings is housed on the castle’s premises.

However most guests visit Cesme not because of its sites, but rather to bathe in its well-known thermal springs. The healing water is stored underground at a temperature of 57°C and comes to light at numerous places, where it then contains over 20 health-promoting ingredients. These include magnesium, fluorine and bromine among many others. For guests, these springs constitute an additional gift of nature. Whoever bathes here increases their sense of well-being and often experiences a noticeable improvement to bodily complaints, especially in regard to breathing problems, rheumatism and skin diseases.

Today many hotel owners recognise the natural treasure that is hidden in the depths of this town and channel the thermal water directly into their buildings. Health-conscious guests are offered a richly alternating spa programme which comprises tai chi, yoga, massages and Thalasso therapy in addition to the usage of the famous spring water.

One of these spa hotels is the "Altin Yunus", the "Golden Dolphin". This luxury holiday centre has its own marina, a health centre, diverse sports facilities, four swimming pools and a casino and is of course also open in winter. Numerous spa guests who wish to avoid the hustle and bustle and prevailing high temperatures of the summer months come at this time of year. In winter one can get to know the contemplative side of the otherwise turbulent Cesme, but can also nevertheless enjoy all the comforts of the hotel such as its good service and both the sporting and spa offerings. In addition to the hotel complex, the fine-sand beaches of the peninsula invite one to undertake an extensive and relaxing stroll.