The pearl of the Turkish Riviera
Exotic palm tree-lined streets, lively shopping arcades, streets and bazaars, inviting caf├ęs and an ancient, first-class international award-winning marina, make Antalya an attractive tourist town cherished by international visitors and natives alike. It nestles in soft waves between the coast and the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, which in winter are capped with snow.

The town was founded in 200 BC by King Attalos and can still today proudly refer to itself by its adopted name 'Paradise on Earth'. The Ottoman houses with their wooden lattice work and verandas which line the many winding alleyways have been largely restored and are now hotels, restaurants or cafés for visitors.

Amongst many other highlights in the town, there are 3 famous streets filled with bars, discos and clubs which are a must for those wanting to sample the nightlife. There are also many smaller cafés and restaurants which offer live music. This ranges from mainstream Turkish music to more traditional sounds which are accompanied by copious food, drink and dancing. In such an atmosphere, the Turkish cuisine of fresh seafood and mouth-watering salads, tastes even better!

The listed picturesque old town, the Roman city walls, the Archaeological Museum and a further large variety of historically-interesting sites make Antalya a mecca for visitors interested in culture.