the high life in the shadows of the castle walls

Alanya is located on a 250 m-high rocky peninsula which juts out 2 km into the sea and upon which sits an ancient Seljuq fortress with kilometre-long castle walls, a caravanserai dating back to the time of the Silk Road, a large section of the old town and many other attractions. From the castle there is a wonderful view of the parts of the city that lie below and the vegetable, fruit and cotton plantations that surround it. Below is also a modern marina which at night time offers a wonderful view of its colourful lights reflected in the water.

The harbour’s alleyways and streets throb with the comings and goings of modern life. The almost endless number of bars, discos, clubs, cafés and restaurants of various kinds provide visitors with an almost overwhelming choice. The people of many different nationalities that meet here share one thing in common - they want to have fun. This is what makes Alanya's nightlife notorious! Those who are able to drag themselves out of bed the next day, can retire to the kilometre-long soft sandy beaches to play beach volleyball, try out water sports or just relax.   Incidentally one of the region’s most famous beaches is named after a well-known ‘holiday-maker’, the Empress Cleopatra, who received Korakesion as a wedding present from Mark Antony.