Our Company -- Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

If you book a holiday with DE&HA Tourism you may rest assured that you will receive the highest possible levels of quality and customer service.

In order to meet these high standards of quality, we are continuously working to optimise the travel products we offer. In addition, we view investments in the important fields of education and the environment as our duty as a commercial enterprise.


Our focus on quality extends to ensuring and supporting the education of our country's next generation. We finance the provision of teaching materials in order to support large, needy families in poor regions. In doing so, we want to ensure that these children receive the foundations required for a good education and thus a better life.

Environmental Protection

As a high-quality Destination Managemnet Company, DE&HA Tourism views environmental action as a fundamental part of our quality strategy. Environmental protection is therefore firmly anchored within our company policy. The aim is to constantly develop and improve the holidays we offer, making them more environmentally friendly. We are engaged in the important task of reforestation in certain regions of Turkey, in particular in the area around the ancient city of Hierapolis, where since 2007 more than 60,000 trees have already been planted and carefully tended to. In a few years new forests, which are so vital for the environment, will have developed.